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2004-2005 Application deadlines:
December 3, 2004 and May 13, 2005

Twice yearly, the NCIIA awards grants to its member institutions to support and strengthen invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship education through curricular development and the work of Advanced E-Teams. We award grants in two major categories:

Course and Program grants are awarded to institutions for the purpose of strengthening existing curricular programs or building new programs in invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Advanced E-Team grants provide E-Teams with the support they need to bring an innovative product or technology from idea to prototype, and eventually to market.

Other grant categories
The NCIIA provides resource grants for new initiatives that will develop into useful resources for E-Teams. We also provide dissemination grants to faculty to present NCIIA-related papers at professional meetings, and conference sponsorship grants to organizations that share similar objectives. These grants are provided on a case-by-case basis, by written request. Contact the NCIIA to learn more.

Projects that make a difference
The NCIIA places a high value on grant proposals that demonstrate concern for the earth and the health and welfare of humans. We encourage our members to find creative approaches to addressing such issues as poverty, disease, and environmental degradation through affordable design, technologies that solve critical problems and meet basic human needs (such as food, water, shelter, health, safety, and education), and pedagogical approaches that encourage awareness of and interest in these global issues. Course and program grant proposals may focus on introducing these issues to students with a design course, adding socially-focused E-Teams to an existing entrepreneurship course, or developing an entirely original program to engage students in problem-solving endeavors. Advanced E-Team grant proposals may focus on products that are affordable to people earning $1-2/day, on technologies that improve human health and the environment, or on businesses with a social vision.

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